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CHT: Clarion Handy Tools

Thanks for your interest in the Clarion Handy Tools, an awesome collection of productivity enhancements for Clarion developers. These tools consist of an ever-expanding set of Clarion Templates OOP Classes and C#-based binary, run-time components that extend or complement the normal functionality of the Clarion Application Development System from SoftVelocity.

By design, the Clarion Application Development System is capable of doing considerably more than is provided for in the default ABC templates, ABC classes and binary run-time components supplied with the product.

Since we are independent software developers ourselves, using Clarion since its inception, we've taken the time, where necessary, to extend many of Clarion's standard capabilities.

The continuous development of Clarion over the years, through to Clarion 10 and Clarion 11 has provided us with a never-ending wealth of extension possibilities.

CHT: Source-Code Libraries
Clarion Templates

CHT source-code libraries and templates are 100 percent compatible with all releases of Clarion through to Clarion 10 and Clarion 11, the most recent Clarion releases. Read more about the various CHT packages available for past and present Clarion versions in the "About" section of this website.

In addition to leveraging the Clarion language with numerous source-code class libraries and code-generating templates, CHT is working hard porting numerous C# .NET assemblies for use with Clarion, so that CHT users can leverage the vast code resources of DOT NET, via COM interop, or via direct-linking, right into their existing and future Clarion applications.

CHT: 24 Years
Serving Clarion Developers

The heart of The Clarion Handy Tools is an ever-growing set of source-code class libraries. These are readily latched into your Clarion ABC applications by a variety of Clarion Handy Tools Templates. More recently we've begun to provide also template-free, pre-built, pure-code-only Clarion projects which we call "XSA-PROJECT-KITS" aimed at more advanced Clarion programmers who want to leverage CHT classes and DOT NET resources to rapidly build, modify and re-purpose apps that CHT provides in these kits as well as inside their own projects.

Our 131 ± source-code libraries and 470± templates developed over the last 24 years of continuous advancement, contain approximately 6000± unique methods - not counting overrides and derivations - organized into an integrated framework to provide a wide range of function.

See our About page for more specific details about CHT components.

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